Why Eco Team Building?

The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very topical and remarkable.
The European Commission defines it as "the integration of social, environmental, ethical, consumer, and human rights concerns into the companies´ business strategy and operations and in their relationships with the interested parties".

Thanks to our experience in environmental disclosure, we have come up with the idea of proposing a new attitude to the preservation of the environment and the future of all, including the team building area. Business training can be a unique opportunity and the ideal setting to propose a new lifestyle that is applicable in the private as well as in the company to a group of adults.

Our proposals do not affect or vary the training methods chosen by the company. Simply, we have designed innovative formats that provide for the creation of useful dynamics for the assessment of trainers while providing a series of sustainable approaches or tips.

Eco Team Building © is a new way of doing Team Building, created and proposed by EVENTI IN NATURA, where the search for a sustainable style is the ultimate goal!

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