Dinner Under Investigation

Scenery, theatricality and mystery are the key words of this event!!!
During the dinner, the fellow guests will become spectators and, at the same time, protagonists. The restaurant will turn into a small theater, where professional actors play the role of CSI agents to create a detective plot.
Only the fellow guests, collaborating on the investigation, will help solve the riddle, find out the guilty and the motive that guided his hand.
A murder was committed. The investigator and some agents (our staff) are investigating to find the culprit. By listening to interceptions, forensic tests (luminol, fingerprints), letters to be rebuilt and puzzles to be solved, participants will be directly involved in the investigations.
The proposed trials include an original cookery quiz to test the participants’ food and wine knowledge in a funny way! Each table will have a place-scene (the table where the murder was committed), notebooks and pens to note clues and solutions.
Who can solve the mystery?

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