The setting is the typical one of the investigative police.
Participants, divided into teams, will use real tools and methodologies of the forensic detectives to:
– Investigate and try to recover the old stolen heirloom. At the end of the trials, each team has obtained a series of materials that will be put together to face the final plenary session and retrieve the object;
– Collection of investigative clues during and at the end of each trial, filling in the clue form for each team, identification of the guilty and assessment of the case settlement with video during a plenary session.
– Recovery of the coordinates at the end of each trial and plenary test: registration of the coordinates in the GPS and search of the place where the missing person is imprisoned.
The story can be declined in one of the ways presented.

Our proven and effective stories, set design and theatricality with the ad hoc settings and the presence (optional) of actors and "policemen" for the start and closing of the story, with "live" arrest of the suspect, are the background of the activity.

WHAT WE DO: Encrypted messages; UV lamps; Fingerprints; Room escape; Mosaic reconstruction; Questioning; Metal detector; firing ground; Ballistic lab.

The activity can be carried out in enclosed or outdoor areas.

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