Expedition Italia

A unique experience to know and live Italy in the sign of adventure and group spirit! Throughout the activity, participants will be actively involved in the search for "goals" and in the choice of routes, as well as in 4x4 off-road driving trials and in pitching tents. The aim of the journey is to discover the most striking corners of Italy in a climate of collaboration, sharing and, therefore, full involvement. During some stretches of the route, the participants themselves will be able to test off-road driving and route reclamation operations: use of accessories such as plates, blades, hoist, ceiling, to safely overcome difficult points (logrolling, "Step-by-step" technical passages, ford crossing, etc.) and use of GPS coordinates, compasses and maps. Starting from the base camp, the team will have to reach the points indicated and face a series of trials until reaching the advanced tented camp. Camp pitch, preparation of a BBQ dinner and evening around the fire under the thousand eyes of the starry sky. On the second day, the goal will be to return to the base camp according to the modes described here.
During the movement, off-road paths are preferred to the asphalt (within the limits of the current rules and the feasibility of the route when crossing it).

The areas where we work will revolve around 5 fundamental aspects related to group life and survival, which can be traced back to business metaphors and can be summarized in the following macro categories:
• ORIENTATION - Identify a goal and work out an operational plan for its achievement;
• FOOD RATIONING and CHOICE OF EQUIPMENT – Assess and manage the available resources in the best possible way;
• NIGHT CAMP PITCH – Coordination, team working and creativity;
• INTERPRETATION OF THE TERRITORY AND PROGRESS CAPABILITY – Problem solving, ability to adapt to new situations, innovation;
• INTREPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS AND ABILITY TO LIVE IN A GROUP – Communication skills, refine the ability to interact and empathize.

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