Expedition Sahara

The realization of an experiential journey in the Sahara has to encompass a number of aspects that will have to contribute to a common goal, going beyond the simple "visit of a place"; rather, it must have true features of an EXPEDITION.
The main element around which the whole building revolves will be to make the participants of this adventure the true PROTAGONISTS. The idea is to divide the group into 2 teams that will have to face a series of daily life trials, followed by the organization staff, ensuring that exclusivity and truthfulness that only an environment like the Sahara can offer. The route will wind up around ancient caravan routes that, in the past, were covered by the famous IMAGEREN… best known as Touareg, men who liked to be free, and as such, decided to live in complete autonomy in these seemingly dry and hostile lands.
The ultimate goal of this experience is to make every single individual, meant as an essential part of a GROUP, able to grasp those aspects that can turn even a remote Sahara corner into a hospitable and livable environment.
We will also learn to use its silences, its immensity and the respect it imposes, as a true emotional amplifier along a path of educational growth linked to the daily duties and the inevitable group dynamics that will be created.
The areas where we work will revolve around 5 fundamental aspects related to group life and survival, which can be traced back to business metaphors and can be summarized in the following macro categories:
• ORIENTATION - Identify a goal and work out an operational plan for its achievement;
• FOOD RATIONING and CHOICE OF EQUIPMENT – Assess and manage the available resources in the best possible way;
• NIGHT CAMP PITCH – Coordination, team working and creativity;
• INTERPRETATION OF THE TERRITORY AND PROGRESS CAPABILITY – Problem solving, ability to adapt to new situations, innovation;
• INTREPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS AND ABILITY TO LIVE IN A GROUP – Communication skills, refine the ability to interact and empathize.

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