Cooking Masterchef

A fun and creative cooking activity, based on problem solving, communication and collaboration.

Prepare three different dishes:
"Master Mix": each group will have to prepare a different dish whose recipe will be delivered in a closed envelope; "Master Pop": each team will have to prepare a dish of traditional Italian cuisine respecting the characteristics of the ingredients and flavors with no recipe provided; "Master Fantasy": each team will be able to create a dish of choice, using the ingredients available.

PROPOSAL 2. Prepare a complete menu:
Appetizers, first dish; second dish and side dish; Dessert. Each team is assigned a specific course. After the time has expired, the teams will dine with the products they have prepared.

Co-operation between the teams will be crucial for the proper allocation of resources (ingredients) and to complete the preparation of the dishes. Interaction between groups, however, can only take place between the spokespersons identified by the working teams in a dedicated speaking corner.

The activity can be also completed with the organization of a market area and the use of tickets, for the strategic sharing of the ingredients between the teams.
Organization with hot plates, kitchen equipment, cook hats and aprons.

The proposal can also be carried out as an open challenge between teams preparing a complete menu for each team or as a MASTERCHEF-style challenge by following dynamics and trials of the famous TV format!

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