Haka building

The unique and unforgettable opportunity offered to the whole group, within the meeting or convention, is to learn the gestures, motions and text of one of the oldest and most powerful group dances. Having a strong emotional impact, learning the "haka" dance will leave the participants an indelible memory of this experience and will increase the sense of belonging to the company.
In his book "Maori Games and Haka", the scholar Alan Armstrong describes Haka as follows: Haka is a composition played with many tools. Hands, feet, legs, body, voice, language, eyes ... all play their part in bringing the challenge, welcome, exultation, or contempt contained in the words to an end. It is orderly, yet emotional. More than any other aspect of Maori culture, this complex dance is the expression of the race passion, vigor and identity. It is, at its best, a message of the soul expressed through words and attitudes."
"A scary force!" This is the feedback that is often heard by those who have seen or those who were involved in the HAKA. Through dance, screaming and body and face expressions, a group feels cohesive and consequently takes courage and strength. It overcomes the fear of conflict and becomes all one with the others.

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