Lego Building

The use of the famous toy bricks in the educational field comes out in the nineties in Denmark at LEGO® as a business method to facilitate decision-making and problem solving.
Only later, since the early 2000s, the system was coded into a well-known and used methodology around the world.

The method is the ideal synthesis between the two main approaches to the learning and training process:
– Kolb's learning cycle: experience, reflection, abstraction and practice;
– the problem solving cycle: identifying the problem, defining alternative solutions, choosing the best alternative, implementing the chosen solution and verifying its effectiveness.

The method is, thus, extremely effective, intuitive and engaging, capable of activating the main resources of the person through the use of metaphors and imagination, story-making and cooperative and collaborative "game", problem solving and change management activities, simulation of emerging strategies and definition of concrete and shared action plans.
Starting from the three basic applications (role, team life / team working and organizational identity), LEGO® can be used to facilitate processes of organizational integration and / or business value transmission as well as support for training processes or design and development activities of web content.

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