Sound Building

A team building project where participants will be accompanied by trained and available teachers, discovering the world of percussion, to become themselves authors and performers of a fun and stimulating percussion performance.
Team Drumming is dedicated to companies that want to encourage group spirit, reduce conflicts and competition, strengthen team cohesion in achieving a goal and develop their creativity before new and unusual challenges.
After dividing participants into teams and choosing instruments, the participants will begin a journey that will lead them from the knowledge of the instrument through free practice to the election of one or more orchestra conductors up to the performance of a track during a plenary session.

Fast and engaging activity lasting up to 1/2 hour maximum.
The teaching staff guides the participants in a music training that quickly culminates in an exuberant, fun and liberating collective percussion performance, studied on simple but engaging rhythmic motions and percussion games that will bring the group to discover their own cohesion by using rhythms.
Several types of instruments are available to participants, so that they can quickly try the mechanisms of a band, role plays, rhythmic and "human" dynamics that lead to a group music performance, fully respecting the metaphors with the employment world.

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