EVENTI IN NATURA offers a series of off-road activities using off-road vehicles and quads implemented with a sustainable approach. For years, our vehicles have been working on a daily basis in a natural environment during travels, hiking, sports and outdoor activities. These experiences gave rise to our ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) formats. Our off-road activities are mainly carried out with ASPEN ecological fuels, ensuring the least possible impact on the environment. Training Target: communication, time keeping, problem solving, team working.

E.D.O. - Eco Drive Off-Road
A modern and sustainable approach to the use of off-road vehicles in a natural environment. It is a driving method where the presence of the group is essential to coordinate the progression of the vehicle through the use of road books and GPS, facilitating radio communications with the rest of your team or with other teams, carrying out site inspections, reclaiming unmanageable stretches and identifying the best route. Goals of the activity: Fuel and vehicle saving, sustainable choice of route, safety and above all ... achievement of the ultimate goal within the established time!

Rescue Team
Performing and adrenaline-charged activity related to the use of off-road vehicles in rescue context. Scene-structured proposal. The team will be involved in a day of high emotional engagement that will strain the team dynamics to the limit for the achievement of the common goal.

Off-Road Day
A series of trials in rotation using quads and off-road vehicles: Trial, blind drive, recovery of the vehicle and the injured, Road Book, construction and crossing of bridges for vehicles, Telequad, etc.

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