Softair, paintball & lasertag

Softair has play dynamics similar to paintball, but closer to a war simulation, using replicas of real firearms and biodegradable shots, which are smaller and in full plastic.

Paintball is a sports discipline created in the States and consisting in shooting through special rifles, called markers, colored paint balls against one or more opponents. It is a fighting and strategic game, increasingly required by companies as Team Building activity, with the goal of getting the most in terms of performance from their employees in stressful situations but, at the same time, without losing sight of the play aspect. The balls used for the game consist of a biodegradable soy preparation and are totally non-toxic, which creates no problems for either people or nature.

The lasertag is the new frontier of simulated war: it is played without masks or protections, using infrared rifles. A new way to play in total freedom!

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