Participants are “blindfolded”, led to an unspecified location and have to find a path that leads them back to the "base camp" within the established time. During the path, in order to advance or get coordinates or geographic indications, teams will face a series of trials. To achieve this goal, participants will use the tools provided: cards, compasses, GPS (briefing on their use at the beginning of the day) and the bug-out bag (containing materials needed to pass the trials). The activity can include a camp overnight stay in self-built shelter or tent. A proposal of high educational value with a certain emotional impact.

WHAT WE DO: Orienteering by foot and with snowshoes; Rafting and sailing on self-built boats; construction of shelters, trolleys, sedges, benches and tables; Construction and Crossing of Tibetan Bridge; camp preparation (construction of a shelter using natural materials or tented camp pinch); light a fire; Trappeur; archery; etc.

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