Finger Food & Cocktail Building

Fast and creative cooking activity.
Team members will have to prepare 3 types of finger food with the aim of setting up an appetizer-based service with the products obtained.
The ingredient list and / or the implementation mode of each finger food will be distributed and the preparation process for each dish will be identified by the participants.
The activity can be also completed with the organization of a market area and the use of tickets, for the strategic sharing of the ingredients between the teams. Organization with hot plates, kitchen equipment, cook hats and aprons.
After the start of the activity, 2-3 participants will be "called off" by their team and "diverted" to a new cocktail preparation station. The station will be supplied with bottles of spirits, juices, syrups and fresh fruit. The equipment required for the preparation will also be provided.
Cocktails have to match the finger food.

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